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Oct. 27, 2020

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March 7, 2020

Times Square Entertainment

Individuals that live in Katy, Texas surely know where the fun is at – in their own backyard.  The motto of Times Square Entertainment is “Good Friends. Good Food. Good Times,” and anyone that has visited this establishment would have to agree with this sentiment.

 Times Square Entertainment is essentially an individual’s one stop entertainment venue in the West Houston area.  The amusement here is bar none with a Laser Tag arena, numerous bowling alley lanes, and a plethora of arcades, from modern offerings to throwbacks from the 80s.  Many of the areas are self-supervised but there are plenty of staff members around to ensure that rules and regulations are being followed and no one “plays rough”.  A person can get lost in any one of these areas and hours spent with family and friends are hours well spent.

The fun still doesn’t stop there because Times Square Entertainment also has a sports bar just for the grownups.  This spacious section of the establishment comes equipped with big screen TVs showing the latest big game as well as 15 pool tables available.  The atmosphere is stunning and there are often times when Times Square has different special events or themed nights.  There is also space available for parties or gatherings.

This place isn’t just for those that live in Katy, Texas and has become something of a hot spot for travelers passing through the area.  For those living within Katy, Times Squire Entertainment has become something of a homegrown entertainment staple.

July 31, 2017

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Nov. 28, 2012

Downtown Houston

In the middle of Downtown Houston there is a wonderful, natural escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day-to-day life.  Against the looming skyscrapers and fast paced world of business and commerce Discovery Green is like a tropical oasis in Houston’s large, urban environment. 

First, and foremost this urban park is an expansive lawn that offers visitors an area to enjoy everything from Bocce ball to flag football with friends and family.  There are well manicured gardens, known as The Wortham Foundation Gardens, as well as meticulously tiled walls and urban sculptures and art.

There is also a large lake in the middle in which individuals can rent paddle boats as well as small remote control boats.  There is also various plant life scattered around the park, with special consideration to the beautiful water lilies touching the water’s edge. Discovery Green also offers two types of dog parks, one for large dogs and one for small dogs, as well as several play areas for children.  One of the most popular is the water section of the park, in which jets of water spurt from the ground and occasionally bubbles and foam are pumped in.

There also a ton of events and special occasions at Discovery Green with something new and exciting happening every day.  Visitors can expect to catch an outdoor movie, have fitness right in the open space, as well as enjoy concerts and festivals. Additionally, there are two unique restaurants in the park.  The high class ‘Grove’ offers organic minded food in a modern atmosphere while the Lakehouse offers inexpensive favorites. There are also plenty of picnic areas for visitors that want to bring their own food.

Oct. 15, 2012

The Buffalo Wildlife Park

The Buffalo Wildlife Park in Alvin has to be one of the best kept secrets in the whole state of Texas.  Only mere miles away from downtown Houston this 80-acre park is so much more than a simple zoo or type of zoological garden.  It is, instead, an interactive world in which humans, both young and old can mingle with over 400 different animals, from five different continents.  The park has camels, emus, water buffalo, big horn, rhinos and giraffes.  These wild animals get to roam free around the wildlife park, though there are plenty of cattle guards in place to ensure the animals do not break free and wander off the premises.  Visitors get to take a narrated, guided tram ride where they get to feed and interact with the animals. 

The animals expect food offerings and safety measures are taken to make sure that visitors are free from harm; such as a strict set of rules given to visitors before the tram ride begins and guard rails on the side of the tram for bumpy roads.  Additional animals, that do not allow such interaction, are housed in a separate area where visitors can view them from afar.  At the location there is also a petting zoo for barnyard animals such as sheep and cattle as well as pony rides for the little ones.  There are plenty of picnic areas where visitors can even bring their own food.

Although pricing can be steep and animal food is paid per the bucket, the trip is most assuredly worth it.  Only in Houston can one find such a remarkable treasure where the wild is in one’s own backyard

Oct. 3, 2012

The George Mitchell Nature Preserve

The Woodlands is most well known for its lush beauty and scenic landscapes. In fact, one cannot think of the Woodlands name alone without conjuring up visions of wild and untamed natural beauty that exists as far as the eye can see.

However, this also extends to The Woodlands environmental and land conservation efforts as well. The George Mitchell Nature Preserve is 1,700 acres of forest, which is a part of Montgomery Country Spring Creek Greenway. Essentially the area is connected by forests and waterways on all sides and individuals that utilize the area will see nature in its most natural, untouched state.

The Nature Preserve itself is a joint project between The Woodlands Development Company, is no wonder that this area has become a staple of beauty and community involvement. More than just a simple nature tail, The George Mitchell Nature Preserve includes a two mile main hiking trail loop, over three miles of bike trails, as well as natural surface trails made possible by Talcon Trails. Additionally, there are Bedias Lake paths where visitors can run alongside ducks and other water fowl.

Visitors that hike the trails can be sure that they will be taken out of urban life and straight into country scenery. Bird watching, photography work, and hiking for sport or for health are all made possible by The George Mitchell Nature Preserve The Woodlands Township, Montgomery County Precinct 3, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife department. With so many hands working together to revitalize and protect the natural world it.

Sept. 8, 2012

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Embedded between beautiful lush forests, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is a large, nonprofit, outdoor amphitheater that offers an array of concerts, performing arts events, educational outreach programs, and additional modern entertainment options.  Whether you live in the Greater Houston area or live in other parts of the city, this picturesque venue is a formidable option to take the family or to act as a night out for singles or couples alike.  Essentially there is something for everyone and patrons will appreciate the variety the amphitheater has to offer.

During the summer months the venue is home to the Houston Symphony and is often the secondary home to the Houston Ballet.  Additionally, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is the number one stop for all music artists during notorious concert series.  The traveling musical guests and talents that utilize the theater range in genre and styling; thus, one will find everything from hip hop rappers to country super stars and everything in between. Ticket prices are about average and often there are discounts and special offers that would lower the prices considerably.

The area often boasts of appropriate parking space with various paths and shuttles to and from the venue, so one does not need to worry about transportation.  This further allows patrons to enjoy the market square and other amenities around the theater.
As an open air pavilion, patrons can enjoy the cool weather during the fall and winter months and during the summer heat the venue has large fans to cool down its guests.

Aug. 31, 2012

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) is a formidable stop if you are traveling in and around the Houston area and are in need of a cultural fix.   With over 63,000 unique pieces and 300,000 square feet of exhibition space, the museum not only offers a good starting point to the world of the visual arts but also guarantees that works that are representational from a multitude of historic eras and geographic locations.

Thus, there are pieces catered to any kind of art lover; from those that love their works modern and abstract to those that prefer more traditionalist methods.   Main art collections include the arts of Africa, Arts of Asia, Arts of Mexico, and other locales around the world.   The museum also has featured collections, which will sometimes include local artists, as well as rotating exhibits. 

The museum itself is housed in the heart of Houston downtown with public transportation a mere stone’s throw away.   Outside of the main exhibits of the museum one can visit the serene Cullen Sculpture Garden, visit the adjacent library, or watch a film at the museum’s movie theatre.   The Museum of Fine Arts Houston even offers studio classes at the prestigious Glassell School of Art. Ticket prices are very affordable, though rotating exhibits and special attractions often come at additional charges. The museum itself is well curated, with information guides on hand to answer any questions or concerns.   Overall the museum does well to offer a relaxed yet professional environment to visitors of all ages.

Aug. 26, 2012

The NASA Space Center in Houston

The NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas is one of the few museums dedicated solely to the aeronautical and space program. Located in Nasa Road 1, the Space Center is just 25 minutes from downtown and nestled in the Clear Lake Area.

The NASA Johnson Space Center is perfect for individuals of all ages; from adults to children and essentially anyone that want to learn more about the vast universe and the nation’s renowned space program. There is a plethora of exhibits available that emphasizes the rigorous training program that astronauts must go through to prepare for space travel.  Additionally, there are amazing displays of space hardware, including a wall of real astronaut space suits and pieces from various rockets and parts of space weathered infrastructures. There are also several rotating exhibits that are offered year around. 

Generally, these are geared towards children of all ages and are most common during the summer months during school break.  However, there are also educational and workshop offers that are geared specifically for adults who want to learn more about space research being conducted.  Often exhibits of all types can be obtained through discount rates and via special offers.

The Space Center in Houston, while certainly a tourist attraction in its own right, also offers employment opportunities for those living in and around the Houston area, employing hundreds. In addition, The Space Center is also within close proximity to professional businesses, which also offer job openings, as well as reputable shopping centers, and other amenities such as libraries and parks and recreation

Aug. 20, 2012

The Woodlands Texas

Just thirty minutes from Downtown Houston, there is one of the most beautiful gems in all of Texas’ cities. The Woodlands is not only a gorgeous, lush forest and scenic landscape, but it is also family centric community. The area is perfect for those that want a quiet country lifestyle, but most individuals would also be surprised that nestled in this forest environment is downtown urban areas with plenty of entertainment options. In fact, The Woodlands community has over 150 restaurants and a plethora of entertainment venues, such as the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

The Woodlands features something for the young, the young at heart, and those that wish to enjoy a peaceful retirement. For the latter, The Woodlands Country Club offers everything from golf, including pro golf championships, to wine tasting. With the beautiful backdrop of nature, there is surely nothing more serene than what The Woodlands has to offer.

For those that want to have a little retail therapy The Woodlands has its own mall, which is located in the downtown area. It has around 200 retailers, including popular department stores. There are several upscale restaurants as well as outdoor and indoor shopping.

The Woodlands also offers recreational options for both children and adults alike. The Woodlands Recreation Center features an array of fitness and games rooms coupled with outdoor basketball courts, and a youth social center which is adult-supervised. Additionally, the South Montgomery County YMCA, composed of three branches, offers pools, gymnasiums, and fun classes catered to all ages.